L'Amour Day Bio Repolarizing Hair Treatment

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Auxiliary in the treatment of dry, mistreated hair and with different chemical processes. It restores the lost shine and elasticity to your hair, nourishing and repairing it intensely.

Does not require rinsing.

Dry, mistreated and chemically processed hair
UVA-UVB protection
Returns shine and elasticity
shapes the hair
Intensively nourishes and repairs
does not rinse

Aloe vera, rosemary, argan oil, shea butter, arginine, phytokeratin, royal jelly, UVA-UVB protection

Presentation250 ml


THIS IS A CONCENTRATED PRODUCT. Before shampooing your hair in the shower, detangle your strands. Once you have all your hair very damp, take a small amount in your hand (no larger than the palm of your hand) and apply from the middle to the ends, mainly. At the root apply as little as possible.

This product has sun protection, it must be left on all the hair for it to work. In case of oily hair, focus more on ends and mid-lengths; apply very little to the roots.


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