Kaba Depigmenting and Brightening Facial Toner

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Give light to your face


Kaba Depigmenting and Brightening Facial Toner are one of our favorite products for the night routine.


Give life and luminosity back to your face; forget annoying pimples and oily skin. The toner helps skin tone for a more youthful, radiant appearance. It is from red fruits, which are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, a potent weapon to delay aging, giving a fresh and natural appearance.

How is it used?


To enjoy all its benefits as soon as possible, you must use it every night, pouring 10 drops on a cotton ball and applying it evenly on the face. It is essential that you do not pass it twice through the same area and that the next day you wash your face and apply sunscreen.


You can also use it with: Fit Me Eye Contour Cream, wait about 20 minutes after applying the toner. And get ready to show off spectacular and rejuvenated skin.

Content: 30 ml/ 1.0 oz

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