Wild Fruit Invigorating Hair Tonic

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Its formula contains sugar cane amino acids to restructure the hair cuticle. As it turns out you will get a more vigorous and stronger hair, with this tonic you can show off your softer mane, with movement and Natural glow. Suitable for all types of hair.

  • Helps to restructure the hair cuticle
  • Provides vitamins and minerals
  • With great antioxidant power

How to use:

apply the content of Wild Fruit Invigorating Hair Tonic, on the dry scalp, making a light massage with the fingertips in a circular way from the roots to the tips. Leave it to act for at least 15 minutes during the day, you can complement it with a moisturizer from our hair line, remove with shampoo, Autumn Orange conditioner and plenty of cold water. You can also apply it 15 minutes before applying the Fruit-based Hair Treatment Fruto Wild and then wash as you normally do.

Repeat this application every 10 days.

If you want to potentiate it, after applying it, put a warm towel or thermal cap on the scalp. 

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