Olé Capillary Fruit Mix Shampoo

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Shampoo based on fruit extracts of 98% natural origin, the only shampoo on the market with the best antioxidant extract, natural extract of mango, tangerine, skullcap, soybean germ and wheat germ. The best ANTIOXIDANT AND MULTIVITAMIN extracts for your bleached or damaged hair, which will provide your hair with shine, manageability, silkiness, and the best LONG LASTING ANTIOXIDANT benefits for your hair from the first application. Formulation free of salts and parabens. The perfect vitamin C for your hair. Natural mandarin flavor. VEGAN PRODUCT.


MIXED HAIR (Washing frequency, every 3 or 4 days)

MODE OF USE: Apply to damp hair, only to the scalp, massaging in circular motions, bring the foam to your ends and massage. Repeat application if necessary.


Content: 490 gr.

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