Magic Hair Miracles Shampoo

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The Magic Hair Miracles Shampoo It is the ideal product for those who want to let their hair grow, while reinforcing it by giving it elasticity.

If your hair is extremely damaged, this is the shampoo you need to restore its vitality. Contains high concentrations of Biotin to strengthen it and help it grow fast and healthy.

The Milagros Hair Magic Shampoo is indicated for dry hair

The argan oil content makes it perfect for dry hair that tends to break out when brushed. Its assets help reduce hair loss

Content 450ml

Free of:

* Salt free

* Sulfate free

* Free of silicones

* Free of dyes

Made with:

  • biotin
  • horsetail leaf
  • Coconut oil
  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba extract, Citric acid.
  • babassu oil

Children from 6 months of age, adults and pregnant or postpartum women can use it. Especially recommended for dry, damaged or infrequently washed hair.


Apply to your damp hair, let it act at the roots for a period of 10 minutes. Repeat if you consider necessary. 

DROPPER: Apply 5 to 10 drops in your shampoo, which is applied to your roots, especially in unpopulated areas, massage with your fingertips for five minutes and leave it on all night. DO NOT EXPOSE TO THE SUN WITH THE DROPS APPLIED.

NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE in oily hair, with dandruff or daily washing.

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