Kaba astringent lotion

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The Kaba astringent lotion is quick acne treatment

Kaba's astringent lotion is the solution to eliminate pimples that surprise you at the worst moments. Its effect is rapid, you apply it at night in the place where you have pimples or acne and the next day its size will have decreased or disappeared.

Acne removal is achieved by salicylic acid which is one of the best ingredients to treat acne and is astringent and also regulates oil production at specific points.

It can be used before or after facial toner and our complete facial care routine.

How to use Astringent Lotion


▪Before going to bed with a clean face, or after having applied the Kaba Depigmenting and Illuminating Facial Toner, submerge a cotton swab (or with an applicator) to the bottom of the container. 

▪Apply the product directly on the points where you need to reduce fat or treat acne (carefully, avoid doing it abundantly)

▪Let dry and rinse very well in the morning, remember that the use of sunscreen is very important. 

▪Do not use it if you have an injury.

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