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Your hair was never so long


The Kaba Growth and Repair Kit is what you have always been waiting for to have long and manageable hair. The kit contains three of Kaba's flagship products for hair growth:


The bio mask and onion shampoo stimulate growth and stop hair loss. The capillary repolarizes and repairs damaged hair, providing hydration. It also contains a sun protection filter.

The Kaba Growth and Repair Kit contains:

Onion Shampoo: recommended only for normal hair (not dry, not greasy.

Capillary Biomascarila: recommended for all types of hair.

Repolarizer: recommended for all types of hair. .


How is it used?

Start by applying the bio mask to dry hair from roots to ends. Then apply the polarizer from the middle to the ends. Let both products act for at least an hour, and then wash with the onion shampoo. Use it 1 or 2 times a week.

You can use Fruits of the Mountain Powdered Food to achieve the long hair you desire.

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