Kaba Lightening Body Cream

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Renew your skin

Kaba Lightening Body Cream is your perfect ally to show off the beauty of your skin and restore its natural tone. He lightens elbows, armpits, knees, and intimate areas. Say goodbye to those annoying stains and regain confidence in yourself for you to show your best version at all times.

How is it used?

The first step is to perfectly clean the area where you will apply the lightening cream; in the armpit area, you have to remove any deodorant residue.

Apply every night in the area you want to lighten, do not expose yourself to the sun with the applied product. In the morning, rinse thoroughly and apply sunscreen.

Mercado Glam Tip:

It is recommended to use alcohol-free deodorant and opt for depilation with wax or depilatory cream. Avoid razors to prevent darkening of the armpit area.

You can also use it with DepilYa! Syam for easy, fast, and painless hair removal.

Content: 60 ml/ 2.0 oz


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