Jojoba Oil Curly Lovers

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Using jojoba oil on your curls is like applying an anti-aging potion.

Because it's packed with antioxidants, omega-3, and omega-6 that protect, nourish, and restore the hair strand with every puff.


• Break gel stiffness: Rub one or two puffs of oil in your hands and scrunch once your hair is dry. Leaves a shiny and silky appearance.

• Prepoo: Apply the oil one day before shampooing. Use three puffs of oil from mid-length to ends. Helps protect the ends and leaves the hair very shiny.

• Detangler: Add a puff of oil to the amount of conditioner you will use on wash day, or after showering apply a puff of oil from mid-length to ends and detangle with a detangler brush.

• Nutrition boost: Add 3 puffs to natural hair masks.

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