Shampoo Bio Repolarizador L'Amour

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The Bio Repolarizing Shampoo is made with a special formula for the care of dry and damaged scalp. It is recommended for processed hair with open and dry ends, whether it is treated with keratins, botox, permanent straightening, with dye, amino acids, among others.

Provides softness to your hair during washing, repairing damaged hair fiber. It facilitates combing and prevents the deterioration of the hair fibers, giving an extra visible shine after washing.

Aloe vera, rosemary, argan oil, shea butter, arginine, phytokeratin, royal jelly, UVA-UVB protection.

For dry, mistreated or chemically processed hair
intensely hydrates
accelerate growth
Keeps hair silky and shiny
Has UVA-UVB protection
Without salt

Presentation 500 ml shampoo



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