Kaba Intensive Growth Hair Tonic

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Accelerate hair growth in unpopulated areas with our hair tonic!

It has a clinical study that shows that it stimulates hair growth:

More than 70% of the participants presented an increase in the density of new hair, compared to the initial condition after 60 days of use.

• Effectively increases hair growth, especially for those who suffer from alopecia due to the reduction of the follicle.

• It has regenerative and nourishing properties.

• Helps reduce hair loss, because it increases the resistance of the hair.

• It is very useful if you want to strengthen the hair follicle.

• It is suitable for all types of hair, especially for those with oily roots, because it has properties that help control sebum production.

• It is also perfect for fighting dandruff.


Content: 30ml/ 1.0oz

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