Conditioner with Kaba Ceramides

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Our conditioner contains ceramides which help the hair to keep it hydrated, preventing it from losing water.

Repair open ends, reduce frizz and strengthen your strands so they don't break when combing.Protect it from polluting agents such as detergents, solar radiation and the environment.

Perfect for damaged and dehydrated hair.

Give volume, shine and silkiness to your hair.

Instructions for use Conditioner with Ceramides

▪Wet your hair first
▪Then apply the conditioner from the middle to the ends; let it act for a few minutes.
▪Without rinsing it, apply the shampoo to the roots, and then wash it completely.
▪Complements its use with our hair care line.

This will create alayer protectiveand you will manage to avoid somedamagethat shampoo detergents can cause to hair.


Content: 500ml/ 16.9oz

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