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General description

Ideal for all types of hair (dry, oily, mixed)

Onion Shampoo + Aloe Vera Conditioner + Onion Hair Therapy + Anti-Hair Loss and Anti-Dandruff Tonic.

Product Details

The Choke Anyeluz kit has been created to counteract abundant hair loss. Restoring the strength and ability of the scalp to generate new healthy hair.

How to use

The shampoo and conditioner are usually used when washing the hair, they are applied by massaging with the fingertips and left to act for 3 minutes. Each product is applied separately. Hair therapy can be used at night (it doesn't matter if the hair is dirty). The next day wash with plenty of water. (to see more about hair therapy go to the product). The tonic is applied after washing the hair, spraying the desired amount on the scalp, massaging with the fingertips to promote absorption and leaving it on. Use it preferably at night and in the morning.

Anyeluz is one of the Colombian brands available for delivery in the United States at Mercado Glam.

Anyeluz is now available for purchase outside of Colombia. Anyeluz goods and your favorite beauty brands are available for shipping anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico at Mercado Glam.

Anyeluz has everything you're seeking for in a superb product: health, attractiveness, and incredible results. Highlight your greatest features with their hair treatments, which provide a variety of benefits for your hair, from smoothing to strengthening.

The purpose of Mercado Glam is to innovate in the beauty routine by promoting the use of products made from natural ingredients, friendly to the environment and free of animal cruelty.

Are you looking for a skin care with a more human sense? At Mercado Glam, we are committed to that vision. We offer high quality products at affordable prices. We work with brands like Anyleuz, who share our values and focus on empowering women, while committing to caring for the environment. It is a goal that you can be part of, as long as you are aware of the best products.

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