Coco D'Luchi bronzer

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Coco D'Luchi bronzer

Discover the power of a perfect tan

Coco D'Luchi's bronzer is It will become your inseparable ally on your vacation.

It is enriched with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, collagen and sun protection factor 50+.

It is recommended for white skin or skin that is not used to tanning.

How is it used?

Before exposing yourself to the sun and tanning you should apply a 50+ sunscreen.

Then apply the bronzer by Coco D'Luchi, trying to touch up the sunscreen every 20 minutes to avoid sunstroke.

It's important to know:

You must do an allergy test, applying a small amount on the back of the knees or near the ankle and wait a few hours. If after 72 hours you do not notice any reaction, you can use your bronzer freely.

You can use it with: 

D'Luchi Body Butter to keep your skin hydrated and highlight the tan.

Content: 250 ml/ 8.4 oz

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