Lipofit Anti-Stretchmark Moisturizing Oil

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Helps smooth, fade and prevent furrows presented during forced stretching of the skin, such as stretch marks, scars or expression lines, restoring elasticity, nutrition and deep repair to the skin.

How to use:

Apply a Moderate amount of LIPOFIT Moisturizing Oil and perform circular massages with the fingertips in the areas to be prevented and treated, on the body (abdomen, buttocks, chest, arms, legs and lower back), on the face (face, neck and décolleté).

Recommendations and precautions:

· For external use only.
· Do not apply to skin with open wounds.
· Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
· Hypersensitivity to the product.
· Keep the product in a cool place.
· Keep out of reach of children.



Content: 100ml / 3.38oz

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