Anyeluz Eyebrow Polish Kit

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Contains: 2 eyebrow polishes.

The eyebrow bitumen or ointment helps to give a much more intense color, provides body and a certain volume to the eyebrows, it is the most recommended For sparse or hollow brows. CIt has a long-lasting formula that adapts to the natural tone of the eyebrow for a super natural finish, in addition, it has a brush that helps you define and blend the color, to achieve a super beautiful finish.

Mode of Use:


Before starting to put on makeup, it is important that you remove all the hairs that get out of the natural shape of your eyebrow with tweezers, so you will achieve a neater and more defined look.

If you have never waxed them, we recommend you go to an expert to mark the shape, and from there, you will only have to remove the extra hairs.


Now, take the spiral brush that comes in your Anyeluz x2 Brow Polish Kit and comb your eyebrows to give them direction.


Time to define! With the help of the built-in brush, take a little product and start to define the shape of your eyebrows. Start by making the lower edge, then the upper one and finally the beginning of it.


Fill the eyebrow with the ointment to make up and give greater density.


Now, turn the applicator and with the help of the spiral brush, start to blend the color all over the eyebrow. Basically you must comb it until you achieve the intensity of color you want.

Tip: Try to use a small amount of eyebrow polish since the intensity of this can be greater than the rest of the products. If you were to apply excessively, you can pass a little paper to reduce the amount.

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