Eleven:Eleven Astringent Toner

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Eleven:Eleven Astringent Toner It is one of the most purchased by girls who want to urgently remove untimely acne from their face. 

Eliminates pimples in just 6 hours!!

Due to its antiseptic properties, the eleven:eleven toner regulates the production of sebum on the skin, its nicotinamide is responsible for giving your complexion a soft and smooth appearance while salicylic acid dries up imperfections on your face, reduces swelling and redness.

How is it used?
Take an applicator and insert the tip into the liquid, apply on the pimples or acne and leave it on for six hours.
Apply it only at night and the next day clean your face with the Espuma Facial Eleven:Eleven

This Astringent Tonic is made with nicotinamide, camphor, menthol and salicylic acid.

It was created under the direction of the colombian influencer Dani Duke and just one week after its release, it was SOLD OUT! That's why we have the Eleven:Eleven Astringent Toner available to ship throughout the United States, Canada and the rest of the world.

Content: 30ml

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