Polymer Hair Treatment L'Amour

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Helps you control frizz by moisturizing and shaping your hair. No greasy feeling.

You can apply it on wet or dry hair, it does not require rinsing.

Controls frizz and shapes hair
Moisturizes without generating fat
You can apply it to wet or dry hair without rinsing it.
scents the hair
with UV filter

Keratin, panthenol , duck embryo, silk protein, aloe vera, rosemary, ceramides, collagen, biotin, argan oil, avocado, flax, placenta protein, bamboo, lemon, silkworm, vitamin E, UV filter, protein of rice and goat milk amino acids

Presentation 120 gr


Polymer is a hair treatment that can be used every day, as many times as you like. A small amount of root is applied to the ends, it is not greasy and leaves a delicious aroma.

It is excellent for protecting and moisturizing. Eliminates knots, frizz and gives hair softness.

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