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The eye and lip perfector that you must have

Lips and Cheeks It is the ideal balm to give a touch of color and luminosity to your face. It is eye and lip perfector it will become your favorite because it softens, perfects, hydrates and conditions, as well as having a plumping effect on the lips, as well as an action that helps minimize expression lines.

Made with natural ingredients as calendula, known for its effectanti-inflammatory and healing; shea butter, which nourishes and creates a protective layer, Vitamin E and jojoba; as well as argan that moisturizes, olive oil, almonds and beeswax that restore, nourish and perfect.

This combination makes it the perfect ally for your workout routine. skin care and of make-up.

The tono Murder on the dancefloor It has that touch of glamor due to its mixture of pink and cherry tones, which provides a natural color, perfect for lips, cheeks and eyelids.

How is it used?

For the lips: apply the Lips and Cheeks as many times as you want on the lips with the fingertips.

For the eyes: apply to the eyelids and blend with soft touches. We advise you to combine it with your eyeshadow favorite for a longer lasting effect.

For the cheeks: apply with gentle upward motions.

You can use it with: Timeless Eyeshadow Palette 1 Athena to have that perfect makeup you want.


Murder on the dancefloor: the equilibrium perfect between pink and cherry tones, an ideal color for Latin and olive skin who love a beautiful and natural color on the lips, cheeks and eyelids, this tone is ideal for all skin types that want a more electric color tone with a luminous finish and lively

Warning: do not expose to high temperatures because it can melt

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