Lipofit Firming Reducing Gel

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It is a Firming Reducing Gel that with its thermoactivating and tightening effect acts on localized fat through natural fat burners and thermoactivators such as caffeine, L-Carnitine, Artichoke Extract, Seaweed, Menthol crystals and Vitamins C and E, reducing measures, firming, toning and generating a tightening and moisturizing effect on the skin.

Mode of Use:

Step 1
Apply a moderate amount of LIPOFIT ®, which you take with 3 fingertips per area to be treated (abdomen, arms, legs, or back).
Step 2
Perform the massage with the knuckles of the hand and firmly make circular movements, in the abdomen, from top to bottom (pelvic area). In the legs, in the internal part, direct the movement firmly from the knee towards the pelvic area; on the outside and back of the leg, direct the movement towards the gluteus; On the arms in the elbow - armpit direction (without touching the armpit) and on the back in the direction of the armpit. Wait for it to be completely absorbed.
Content: 260 g/ 9.1 oz

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