Wild Fruit Extra Moisturizing Bomb

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Its combination of natural ingredients helps to rebuild, hydrate and prevent future damage.

The Extra Moisturizing Bomb is ideal to use before direct exposure to the sun, going to the beach, entering a pool. It is ideal for those who exercise outdoors as it creates a protective layer that prevents the absorption of salts generated by sweat.


Mode of Use:

The Extra Moisturizing Bomb has multiple uses, apply a sufficient amount in the palm of your hand and spread through damp hair, from mid-lengths to ends; If your hair is dry, massage gently with your fingertips from the roots.

Allow to act according to the following indications:

  • Before exposing yourself to the sun, playing sports, doing outdoor activities and getting into the water (sea, river or pool) leave it applied while you do it.
  • As a moisturizer before or after the application of the fruit-based FrutoSalvaje Hair Treatment, leave it to act for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • As a moisturizing treatment after washing, apply and leave on for up to 30 minutes.

Remove and rinse very well always with plenty of cold water.

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