Meraki Body Cleaner by Miwa

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Return the tone to your skin

Meraki Body Cleaner by Miwa It works excellently to lighten and hydrate the skin.

we love this lightening cream because it is made with natural ingredients such as honey, aloe vera and vitamin E. Its formula is gentle on your skin, but effective against hyperpigmentation. Return the natural beauty to your skin and lighten areas such as armpits, elbows and crotch.

How is it used?

Like any skin product, you must first do a small allergy test, once you've made sure you don't have any adverse reactions, you can use it without problem. 

Applies every night on any area of the body that you want to lighten, except the face.

In the morning rinse the area thoroughly and apply sunscreen.

Note: You should not expose yourself to the sun with the product applied.

*For underarms

In the case of the armpits, it is recommended to clean thoroughly, to remove excess deodorant. It works better to wash the area with lukewarm water than, thanks to the steam, unclogs and cleans pores.

Apply a small portion of the lightener at night, gently massaging the area, until it is partially absorbed.

Upon awakening, rinse the area as usual. In addition to clarifying, Meraki leaves a fresh fragrance.

Glam Market Tip: We recommend the use of depilatory creams or wax, avoid the use of blades that promote coloration of the skin.
You can also use it with: Kaba Depilatory Cream to give your skin the care it needs.



Content: 60 g/ 2.1 oz

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