Wild Fruit Growth Hair Tonic

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Stimulates hair growth, awakens sleeping follicles generating the birth of new hair, thanks to its perfect combination of natural extracts it reinforces the hair root, making it more resistant and fertile in growth; It provides shine, softness and also eliminates dandruff.


How to use:

Shake before using. Apply not less than 10 ml (half a bottle) of the Hair Tonic Growth FrutoSALVAJE, on the dry scalp, making a light massage with the fingertips in a circular way, for at least two (2) minutes on the root. Leave it on all night and protect your hair without tying it while you sleep.

You can complement it with some moisturizer from our hair line. Remove the next day with FrutoSALVAJE shampoo, Otoño Naranja conditioner and plenty of cold water. You can also apply it 15 minutes before applying the FrutoSALVAJE Fruit-Based Hair Treatment and then wash as you normally do. Repeat this application every 5 days.

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