Timeless Eyeshadow Palette 1 Athena

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Timeless Eyeshadow Palette 1 Athena

Eyeshadows for high-impact makeup

The Timeless Eyeshadow Palette 1 Athena is the perfect combination of elegance, avant-garde and sensuality, inspired by the Art Deco, from the 20s.

In it you will find 35 different colors, ranging from matte, strong and striking tones, they are also perfect for any skin color and help give depth to your look. Even the satin tones that will give shine and a touch of gthemor to your makeup.

Whether for a day or night look la Timeless Eyeshadow Palette 1 Athena, has everything to highlight your eyes and get that look of impact that you want so much.


How is it used?

Apply with a brush on the eyelids.

You can use it with: Eyethesh perfect curly Anyeluz to get some long eyetheshes and beautiful that will give the perfect touch to your eyes make up.

*Actual colors may vary slightly from those shown in the image.

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