Conoce los fabulosos productos de Dermanat, nueva marca en Mercado Glam

In Mercado Glam We have the mission of always taking care of you and showing you the best products on the market. 

On this occasion we will talk about the fabulous products of Medicine, a new Colombian brand in glam market.

Medicine is a Colombian brand created since 1989, its specialty is natural products for skin and hair care. 

It is created by Laboratorios Dermanat which is dedicated to producing innovative and highly effective cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic products.

All products of Dermanat, are made with natural ingredients, certified active, non-toxic, and high quality.

‘’We are committed to the health of your skin, which is why our formulas are made up mostly of natural and semi-natural ingredients. We use substances such as preservatives and synthetic dyes, but in such a low percentage that it does not hurt your foot.l.’’, Medicine explains 

Medicine is committed to withstant innovation, always following world trends in science, health and beauty. 

Gel Limpiador con Ácido Hialurónico Dermanat

One of the main ingredients of this cleansing gel from Medicine is Centella Asiatica. This has great healing and moisturizing power, it acts by renewing tissues and delays the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

It is a mild cleansing gel and has natural extracts formulated for all skin types, perfect for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

It is ideal to start your routine skincare, given that Removes impurities and dirt without drying the skin. His ph balanced Helps maintain the natural balance of the skin. 

You can use it daily, both in the morning and at night. Apply to damp skin and gently massage in circular motions.

Facial Serum with Vitamin C Dermanat

The Serum Facial con Vitamin C de Medicine is the star product of the Colombian brand. We love it as it brightens and evens out the skin while protecting it from sun damage.

It is antioxidant serum con Vitamina C It is ideal for use during the day and at night, but we always recommend using sunscreen. 

It has an anti-aging effect: protection, detoxification and skin restructuring. Visibly and progressively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

Use on the face, on clean, dry skin, on the face, neck and décolleté, and gently massage in an upward circular motion.

Dermanat Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate

As its name says, it is a withcentrate of hyaluronic acid, which is an ingredient that we find naturally in our body. This attracts and retains water, maintaining an optimal level of hydration in the skin.

But this specific product is dedicated to treating the most sensitive area of our face, exactly, the eye area. 

This Dermanat eye withtour hydrates, nourishes and softens the eye area, thanks to its ingredients such as argan oil, avocado oil and caffeine.

It can be used all over the face, softening expression lines and wrinkles, simply apply it to the desired area with gentle touches using your fingertips.

Mascarilla de Arcilla Dermanat

A mask cannot be missing from your skincare routine, and there is no better option than the Dermanat clay mask. This facial mask is purifying and mattifying.

It has natural ingredients such as Bentonite Clay and Kaolin, enriched with Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus.

has an action seboregulator and exfoliant that absorbs impurities from the skin and eliminates acne-causing bacteria. Protects the skin from photoaging and environmental damage, making it ideal for treating blemishes and unifying facial tone.

Its exfoliating action removes impurities and dead cells, all you have to do is apply it 2-3 times a week. 

You must do it on a clean and dry face to form a thick and withsistent layer, leave it for 10 minutes and remove. 

These are a few of the Dermanat products that we have available at Mercado Glam. If you want to know the full range of products, visit the rest of our website.

If you want personalized attention or have questions about a product, do not hesitate to withtact us through our social networks. 

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